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The MKlll-S Series

The introduction of Mk1 series was received with enthusiasm and excitement when introduced in 1992. Garnering invaluable experience from the highly revered First Sound passive, the Mk1 started a journey to bring together the purity of passives with the beauty of tubes. Continuing to refine and advance what is state of the art led to the introduction of the Mk2 in 2000: the monumental achievement of presenting the best of tubes and passives. The natural and pure presentation of the Mk2 series ushered a new era for First Sound.


In 2010 the Mk3 series was introduced. It is hard to conceive surpassing the performance of the Mk2. The complete redesign of the main circuit boards, filtering and grounding system accomplished what was seemingly impossible. The Mk3 is leaps and bounds above its predecessor.


With great pride and excitement, The MKlll-S series has arrived. It is the latest addition to First Sound's remarkable endeavor that epitomizes superior sound presentation. The MKlll-S continues this hallmark tradition of First Sound. Working closely with Shunyata Research has led to the incorporation and use of the Multi-Phase Differential Array (MPDA), a sophisticated and innovative technology used in the highest quality Shunyata Research products. In conjunction with the MPDA, the MKlll-S uses a new and advanced Power Supply Delivery System (PSDS). This allows for the unimpeded flow of power to the audio circuit while significantly decreasing the noise. With over 500 additional steps needed to implement this new system, the PSDS is the pinnacle of craftsmanship and dedication.


Once again, the notion of improving upon the previous series is hard to fathom. The MKIII-S, through extensive research and development, has triumphantly exceeded the achievement of its predecessors by a vast degree.


The Paramount SSE

The new Paramount SSE is now the foremost model in the Paramount Series. The SSE is the culmination of technological excellence from First Sound. The incomparable Black Duelunds VSF DC capacitors are utilized to take the PMT SSE to unparalleled heights. These capacitors are custom made to the precise specifications of First Sound. A proprietary audio wiring configuration is specifically tuned and designed to perfectly match and exhibit the exemplar attributes of the Black Dueland VSF DC capacitors. The Paramount SSE is simply spectacular.


We Invite You To Experience A New Level of State Of Art.

All First Sound Linestage models are available for upgrade to the MKlll-S series and the Paramount SSE.


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